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We give you the possibility to examine the draft deeds prior to the final signature.

History & Commitment

The notary office has been located in St Cyr au Mont d’Or for many generations and has archives of all the deeds that have been signed since 1890. This historic location allows us to have a good knowledge of the market and local fabric, this guaranteeing security for your investments and your estate choices. New technologies are at the heart of our business.

The notary office signs all of its deeds electronically in order to make appointments smoother and easier and allow you to view all the content in real time. We also attach great importance to regularly training our firm members in order to master on-going legislative developments.

Notary partners

Successors of Maîtres Pralus, Rose and Rollet

Maître Xavier Laperrousaz

Maître Yohan Pegon

Maître Thibaud Garnier

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